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You may check the links below. Credit is given to the authors of the studies and the website owners from whom some of the studies are linked.

A general guide to the researcher: Please take the studies indicated on this page in the context that Vegetable Oil as Fuel is in mid level stage in its development. It is also in its early stages of layman interest. Studies therefore may contradict each other as time goes on and more information and equipments are experimented on.

The designer of Biodrive vegetable oil fuel system for diesel engines has used the test data to determine which to avoid and develop further in the making of these products. Most of the issues pertaining to coking, premature wear, diminished horsepower, polymerization found out in the early stages of laboratory studies, have been addressed and resolved by the use of Biodrive's system.

You may check out this link for some very interesting research and studies on the environment and technologies.

Check this area often as we update this regularly.

German Quality Standard for Rapeseed Oil as Fuel-1_tmp.doc

Philippines Biofuel Law.pdf
Philippines Biofuel Law Implementing Rules and Regulations
Philippines Domestic Utilization of Vegetable Oil -- Official Statistics
Sanitation Code of the Philippines
Saudi Japan Studies on Bio Additives
LTO Philippines Vehicles Registered -- All MV Classifications by type of fuel 2006