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                             Announcing NEW PRODUCT: Biodrive STB. See 5 below!


Vehicle Conversion Kit

1.      MTTS. Fully manual switching. The most reliable system but is recommended mainly for commercial vehicles and private enthusiasts as switching to vegetable oil and back to diesel has to be done by going down the driver’s seat to get to the switch. Most popular.

2.      ETTS. Electrically operated switching. Makes use of solenoid valves.

3.      STTS. Automatic sensor controlled switching. Solenoid valves are automatically switched at a presettable range.

4.      STM. Single Tank for Mercedes Indirect Injection Engines Model years 1979 to 1984.

5.      STB. New Product. Cheapest Conversion. Originally intended for Mercedes Benz 79 to 84 indirect injection engines. Now available for other makes and models. Its single-tank with a twist!

Filtration System

1.      Biodrive Mini Waste Vegetable Oil Processing System called the CCF-1 is sold with the CCF-S1 Drumstand. We have tested many filtration systems over the years and this one which we developed in consultation with experts here and abroad, has proven to be the most cost-effective way. Similar principled products cost millions of pesos. Most of the problems we encountered during the years of experimentation was related to poor fuel filtration. This system has solved these problems.

Please see our Parts page for individual components. Domestic and International Orders are shipped via DHL. Ask us for a quote door-to-door.

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